Worship - Servicio de Adoracion

Front of Church Street Scene

9:00AM - Renewing Worship on Sunday

A festive blend of the  newest, rousing Christian Contemporary Music led  by FIRST’s Praise Team  band & singers. Also,  along with the resonant  notes from our marvelous  pipe organ, we enjoy  singing old time favorites  which are the best of our  tradition’s hymns and  sacred songs from  Evangelical Lutheran  Worship 

11:00AM - Bilingual Servicio - Celebrando la Diversidad cada Domingo

Bilingual Servicio with  enthusiastic, spirit-led singing,  teaching and communion.  Come and and be blessed all  over the place in this  resourceful worship that seeks  to celebrate our one God and  our diversity as one  congregation in two language.

Sunday School

During both worship  times - Sunday School & Escuela Dominical

Just before the adult  learning time in worship,  all preschool-5th grade  kids are invited to come to  the front of the church to  share in children’s time. After story time, they go to  the Sunday School rooms  for a kid-time of learning The children and youth  come back to worship for  the offering and  communion.

Young Disciples Worship and Bible Study on Saturday

We understand that some people have different work schedule and can not attend Sunday Worship. Because of that, we have a weekly worship and bible study on Saturdays at 10:00AM

Bible Study


Wednesday @ 6:30PM and Friday @ 11:00AM - English

Jueves @ 6:30PM -  Español/Spanish

The gospel of Mark


Mark for Everyone

The Gospel of Mark introduces us to the shortest and sharpest of the stories of Jesus. Many people think Mark's gospel was the first to be written, and certainly it has all the zip and punch of a quick, hasty story that's meant to grab us by the collar and make us face the truth about Jesus, about God, and about ourselves.

Please join us at our mid-week Bible study as we discuss and learn together what the good news is really all about!