This Week at First


Sunday March 8th is the Second Sunday Lent


This Week's Events at FIRST 

SUN 3/8 9:00AM Sunday Service

Fellowship Time

11:00AM  Servicio de Adoración

3:30PM Confirmation Class 

TUE 3/10  9:30AM Hearts and Hands (@church)

 9:45am N. A. Chapel Time

5:30PM ASL Classes

 6:30PM ESL Classes

 6:30PM Hand bell Practice

WED 3/11  9:00AM Fitness Fun

THU 3/12  6:30PM Youth Lenten Study and Fun

FRI 3/13  9:45AM N. A. Chapel Time

11:00AM Bible Study 

6:00PM Soup and  N. A. Cardboard Movie Night

SAT 3/14 11:00AM Praise Team practice

12:00PM Spirit Coro practice

SUN 3/15 9:00AM Sunday Service

  Fellowship Time

11:00AM  Servicio de Adoración



Help raise funds for needed medical equipment.

Here is the GoFundMe page we have been waiting for!
Please assist our own Becky Mack with her need to raise funds for the purchase of a more powerful PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATER and a MOTORIZED WHEELCHAIR. These items will keep Becky mobile to continue enjoying the quality of life she deserves, attending our Hearts and Hands Ministry, Sunday church service or potlucks and special events. Every donation will help.
God Bless Becky and others so encumbered.

Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church (JELC)


Missionaries of interest within the Pacifica Synod

 Pastor  Hitoshi Adachi (former Assistant to the Bishop in the Pacifica Synod)  and his wife, Satoko,  are currently serving as missionaries with the Japan Evangelical  Lutheran Church in Kumamoto, Japan. To learn more about what is taking  place in their ministry, please click the link below for their January 2020 newsletter. 

ELCA presiding bishop addresses concerns about COVID-19

3/6/2020 4:55:00 PM

​In 1527 the plague returned to Wittenberg, Germany. Two hundred years earlier the plague had swept across Europe killing up to 40% of the population. Understandably, people were anxious and wondered what a safe and faithful response might be. In answer to this, Martin Luther wrote "Whether One May Flee From a Deadly Plague." In it, he emphasized the duty to care for the neighbor, the responsibility of government to protect and provide services to its citizens, a caution about recklessness, and the importance of science, medicine and common sense.

To provide care for the neighbor, Luther recommended that pastors, those in public office, doctors and public servants should remain in the city. Luther himself remained in Wittenberg to care for his people. He recommended that public hospitals be built to accommodate those with the plague. He condemned those who took unnecessary risks that put themselves and others in danger of contagion. Luther also encouraged the use of reason and medicine, writing, "God has created medicines and has provided us with intelligence to guard and take care of the body. … Use medicine; take potions which can help you; fumigate house, yard, and street; shun persons and places wherever your neighbor does not need your presence" ("Whether One May Flee From a Deadly Plague," 1527).

We are living in the time of the coronavirus. We are also living in the time of social media and constant, relentless news coverage. Many of our people have the same concerns as those in Luther's day. Many of our people are anxious. Luther's counsel, based on Scripture, is still sound. Respect the disease. Do not take unnecessary risks. Provide for the spiritual and physical needs of the neighbor. Make use of medical aid. Care for one another, especially the most vulnerable.

The churchwide organization recommends the following for churchwide staff: Wash your hands, stay home when you are sick, wear a mask if you have symptoms, consult your medical provider. Bishops and pastors will provide guidelines for worship and church gatherings.

Luther also reminded his people and us that we should trust God's faithfulness and promises, particularly the promise eternal life. Paul writes: "If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord; so then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's" (Romans 14:8). 

In peace,
The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton
Presiding Bishop
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


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First Lutheran Church of Vista

First Lutheran Church of Vista

First Lutheran Church of Vista

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First Lutheran Church of Vista

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First Lutheran Church of Vista

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