1.01 Congregation/Fiscal Year, Business Meeting Dates

  1. The congregation and fiscal year shall commence on January 1 and end on December 31. 
  2. The annual meeting of this congregation shall be held in the month of January. Items for annual meeting agenda: budget, election of officers, Congregation Council annual comprehensive report. 
  3. The Quarterly Meetings of this congregation shall take place in the months of April/May, June/July, and October/November. 

1.02 Covenant of Membership

  1. Every year during a month to be selected by the Management Team, every confirmed member must be given an opportunity to covenant in writing his or her desire for another year of active membership in this congregation for self and any baptized, unconfirmed children. 
  2. Those not covenanting in writing shall be personally contacted. 
  3. When a baptized person does not participate in the life, worship, and stewardship of this congregation, he or she may be moved from the active baptized membership roll to the inactive roll by Congregation Council action. 

1.03 Duties of Officers and Committees

  1. The duties of the officers and committees shall be those provided for in this constitution and bylaws as outlined in Exhibits A . 
  2. Ministry Teams may be authorized through continuing resolutions. Ministry Teams will be facilitated by Team Leaders who are to be nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by the voting members of this congregation at a regular meeting of this congregation. Their term of office will be for two years. Ministry Team Leaders may be reelected for one additional term.