Financial Team


  • Treasurer
  • Financial Secretary
  • Endowment Committee Chairperson
  • Financial Board Members
  • Check Signatory 



  • Assemble and meet with approved financial board team  (minimum 2 additional members) to provide  recommendations to the Council
  • Pay 3rd party monthly bills as per budget as required (with  signature provided by Check Signatory)
  • Pay Check Requests that have been properly approved by  appropriate team leader or by Congregation Council
  • Reconcile checkbook monthly
  • Prepare monthly budget and designated fund report for  Congregation Council
  • Prepare proposed draft budget for upcoming year for no later than November Congregation Council meeting and  final budget no later than December meeting
  • Prepare Year End report for congregational meeting

Financial Secretary

  • Assemble counting teams for weekly offering
  • Document counting procedure and train counting team  members
  • Provide weekly counters report to treasurer
  • Enter weekly offering envelope and giving data into Servant  Keeper software and keep up-to-date monthly
  • Provide monthly giving report to treasurer (if requested)
  • Provide quarterly giving statements to office for mailing (if requested) no later than 2nd week of following quarter

Financial board

  • Meet quarterly
  • Review current spending and proposed major  investments/expenditures
  • Provide written recommendations to Congregation Council

Endowment Committee

  • Track current endowment investments
  • Investigate new investments and propose changes to Financial board and Congregation council
  • Prepare Year End report for congregational meeting